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"I was skeptical that U4EA could work as well as claimed, but after my first try, I didn't feel much, but then around 20 minutes later I could really feel it kick in hard! I was surprised! I felt a wave of relaxation and 'chill' come over me that was very noticeable. This stuff really works!"

Astoria, NY

"I sell U4EA in my store and a lot of people use it for stress and anxiety but also as a healthy way to relax and socialize instead of using alcohol. They find it helps them feel great and has none of the side-effects alcohol has."

Stamford, Ct

"My sister in law has been on anti-depressants since she had her first kid back in 1998 and she was on paxel for so long after 5 years they switched her to prozac, so she was taking prozac and some thing else for nerves and sleeping at night. She takes this U4EA and only takes 2 teaspons a day for the last 3 months and is completely off her meds!! no withdrawls  NOTHING, before when she would run ouf of her meds', she was impossible to be around until she got a refill. My brother would want to come sleep on the couch!! NOW!! she takes this daily, and she said 2 teaspons in the morning and has not touched her prozac since end of August."

We then asked John if we use this as a testimonial:

"oh man, most definately!! And she would be honored! Thing is, she had wanted to get off the antidepressants for years but every time she tried, she had really bad withdrawls, (dizziness, depression, moodiness) and just told us a few weeks ago how bad and scarey it is to run out of prozac on a friday and be out of refills and have to wait till monday. Now, its weird, she's completely off of it all, she was on some sort of nerve pills too, i want to say xanax, and she was on a pretty high dose of prozac.  but now, POOF! GONE. none of it. she showed us the bottle of prozac from august that she never finished up on her refills and hasn't been back to the doctors yet for more nerve pills. You know, too bad doctors couldn't find out about this for peopel that are going through withdrawls over drug addictions."

Cordova TN

"To the designers of U4EA: I wanted to thank you for your amazing product. I was searching for products that would help me relax and fix my premature ejaculation problem and your product fixed it.  I have had this problem for all of my Adult life. I have gone to doctors and the only thing doctors said might help is Prozac. That didn't help. I also did weed and other drugs that did help it, but nothing ever truly fixed the problem. I also tried every product on the internet that said helped prevent it; from sprays, to condoms, to pills, but everything didn't work. All those products just helped prevent the inevitable by a couple of seconds or minutes.  And because of a fluke, a website that sold other type of things, was selling U4EA. I tried it, not knowing how it would work. The next thing I know, I had control of the climax and did not have to prematurely ejaculate. I have been using the product for over 10 months and I will continue to use this product regularly. I would also recommend it for physical exercise. I do cardio training, on a top-of-the-line gym bike, and it helps you up your level, not get tired and continue going well past your normal capacity. God bless you and your product. It will benefit millions of men and take away that pain of not being able to last long, and please their partners."

Granada Hills, CA

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