Anabolic Formulations

• Increase Muscle Growth
• Increase Sex Drive
• Increase Energy Levels
• Increase Testosterone Levels
• No Prescription Necessary

  Retail Price: $58.95
Our Price: $49.95 / $79.95 for 2

Andro Spray: Provides the most effective sustained release andro product on the market today. A constant level of testosterone increase can be maintained with easily with Andro Spray. This topical spray is the most efficient and reliable way of delivering a sustained release of Androdiol.

What is in Andro Spray?
Andro Spray is a specially filtered Androdiol alcohol spray containing pharmaceutical skin penetration enhancers. Each bottle has twelve grams of the finest Androdiol. AndrodiolÒ (4-androstenediol) offers the highest testosterone conversion of all the “andros”, without the downside associated with androstenedione.

How should I apply Andro Spray?
Apply 8 to 12 sprays to large muscle areas to maintain elevated testosterone levels for 12 hours. Apply twice daily for maximum effectiveness.

Who takes Andro Spray?
Men looking for increased muscle growth, sex drive, and energy levels and other benefits associated with testosterone increase. Men looking for optimal anabolic and androgenic benefits from a testosterone precursor. Men looking for the most reliable and effective sustained release andro product available.  (Read Andro-Spray Article)

• Testosterone Booster
• Maintains Metabolism
• Prevents Depression
• Legal in Every State
• No Prescription Necessary

  Retail Price: $79.95
Our Price: $49.95 / $89.95 for 2


Syn-Test. The most advanced combination ever of hormone therapy, nutrition and homeopathy, is a first in testosterone supplementation!

Syn-Test is a very unique and highly potent formulation because it contains synthetic testosterone. High testosterone levels are required for density, maintaining a healthy metabolism, blood pressure, and preventing depression/anxiety in men. Syn-Test is the effective, affordable, alternative, to doctor administered injectable testosterone treatments or illegal steroid use.

Homeopathy is a natural form of medicine that works to help restore balance and maximize the potential of entire systems within the body. Homeopathic Syn-Test has been formulated to target one of the key hormones in the body...TESTOSTERONE !

In addition to its homeopathic content of testosterone, Syn-Test is supported by a proprietary blend of other components included to further enhance the product’s effectiveness.  Syn-Test has been developed in a liquid form that can be sprayed directly under the tongue for immediate absorption via the oral mucosa. Each one ounce bottle is equipped with a convenient pump spray cap.  (Read Syn-test Article)

Recommended Dosage: One or two sprays under the tongue three times daily.

To order call 1-800-490-5364 (24/7) and ask for DEP 11 or order here ONLINE

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