Physiologically Significance of Testosterone and Homeopathy
By James R. Hughes, MD

Testosterone is one of our vital hormones. The level of testosterone produced by the body generally decreases as we age. This vital hormone is required for libido, maintenance of muscle mass, prevention of depression, bone mineral density, regulation of blood pressure and plays an important role in blood sugar regulation.

Given the significance of this hormone in the body, it is a wonder that there is not a more widespread use of testosterone therapy. However, selecting the type of delivery system to be used in such hormone therapy is critical.

Typically, any hormone therapy that requires delivery of the hormone by absorption through the stomach and small intestine may prove highly ineffective. Most ingested forms of testosterone are heavily destroyed by the digestive tract. Much of that which is absorbed is then filtered out by the liver before reaching the general circulation, further reducing bioavailability. Injectible forms of testosterone have been used (and misused) with great success for many years. This type of therapy is effective only if the injections are taken on a routine weekly basis and under the strict supervision of a healthcare professional.

Also available are transdermal testosterone preparations. Again, these are available only by prescription and should be used only under medical supervision. Another approach is the use of homeopathy.

The use of homeopathic preparations dates back to the eighteenth century. Despite the purported benefits and widespread use of this form of medicine, exactly how or why homeopathy works is still somewhat of a mystery. The effect may stem from the bio-energetic level where homeopathic formulations enhance the response of the receptors in the body to various stimuli. Receptors allow hormones and other chemicals to activate DNA sequences in order to produce the desired effect. Enhancing the affinity of a receptor to a specific hormone through homeopathy may significantly elevate the receptorís response to the hormone--an essential step in helping to safely restore and/or increase the level of a given hormone in the body.

The homeopathic testosterone is effectively absorbed into the general circulation through the mucous membranes of the mouth. Furthermore, oral absorption bypasses the liver and digestive tract. Its main function is to increase effective testosterone levels in the system by increasing receptor sensitivity to a variety of compounds affecting testosterone metabolism.

A very important advantage of homeopathic preparations is that they can be used in both men and women. Both sexes have the same receptors and utilize the same hormones. Both sexes also show an age related decline in testosterone levels The concept behind homeopathic Syn-Test makes the formula ideal for either men or women interested in pursuing an effective and safe means of testosterone therapy.

In addition to its homeopathic content of testosterone, Syn-Test is supported by a proprietary blend of other components included to further enhance the productís effectiveness:

DHEA: Essential for hormone production.

AMINO ACID COMPLEX: These building blocks of protein are utilized by every cell in the body.

ORNITHINE: Helps to improve liver function, a key step in maximizing testosterone levels, and the natural production of human growth hormone by the body.

PROTEASE: An enzyme that plays an important role in the digestion of protein.

LIPASE: The basic enzyme for fat and lipid digestion.

YOHIMBE: An African herb thought to assist the body with testosterone production,

MACA: A South American herb considered helpful for enhanced libido and circulation.

TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS: Made popular by European athletes, this herb is thought to be helpful for increased testosterone production and increased sex drive.

VITAMIN E: This essential vitamin plays an important role in a number of functions withing the body including cellular respiration of the cardiac and skeletal muscles.

ZINC: A mineral necessary for the general growth and development of the reproductive organs.

SILICA: This mineral plays an important role in the integrity of the connective tissues including tendons, cartilage and blood vessels.

BORON: Thought to be important for calcium absorption by the body, this mineral may also help enhance sexual desire.

TRACE MINERAL COMPLEX: A blend of minerals found within the body thought to be significant in numerous body functions.

Syn-Test has been developed in a liquid form that can be sprayed directly under the tongue for immediate absorption via the oral mucosa. Each one ounce bottle is equipped with a convenient pump spray cap.