HANGOVER MAGIC - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Hangover Magic for best results?
Simply take 3 Hangover Magic tablets before you begin drinking alcohol. The tablets will help your body break down the alcohol quickly and replenish the body with natural fluids to keep you sharp all night and in the morning. As an extra measure of hangover prevention, you can also take 3 tablets in the morning when you wake-up. The vitamins in Hangover Magic will revitalize the body and energize you for a productive day!

What else can I do to ease the hangover feeling?
When you use the Hangover Magic tablets, be sure to drink a large glass of water. Take 3 tablets with water before drinking alcohol. Drink another large glass of water before going to bed as well.

Why do I feel so bad after drinking too much?
When you consume alcohol, your body begins to breakdown the substance into a metabolite acetaldehyde. The bad feelings associated with alcohol are not caused by the alcohol itself, but rather by the resulting metabolic poison called acetaldehyde. Your body must clear this from your system to get you out of the hangover. Hangover Magic helps your body restore proper function quickly and without side effects!

What will I feel like after using HangOver Magic™?
Hangover Magic’s unique blend of all-natural herbs will not be noticeable in your system while you are drinking. The following morning, however, you will experience less negative effects of alcohol consumption. Reduced dry mouth, no upset stomach, no headache, no anxiety and no sluggishness!

When I use HangOver Magic™ will I still get drunk?
Yes. If you happen to drink enough to get drunk nothing can stop the alcohol from doing what it does. Hangover Magic will not stop your "buzz" from occurring, but will help the next day.

Can I drink more than I usually do if I use HangOver Magic™?
No. Hangover Magic is not recommended as a preventative measure to avoid the feelings of excessive drinking. Hangover Magic will ease the effects of a hangover, but moderation when drinking is always a good idea.

And, of course, please never drink and drive!

What people say
"This is fact. I was in Las Vegas when the company that makes Hangover Magic introduced the product. I was there to talk to them about designing their corporate website. I got the job and have been designing their sites ever since. What's important to note here is that while in Vegas, I drank more than I have drank in years. One night I drank 12 beers with several shots of tequila. I'm not a big guy, 5' 8", 160 lb. You can imagine the hangover that was due me in the morning. To be honest, I can't believe I wasn't sick to begin with. Ever been on your knees in front of the porcelain God? You know what I mean. Late that night (around 2 AM), I was telling a gentleman that I had met how much I had to drink. He gave me 3 Hangover Magic pills, which I took before going to bed. (Yes, I had minor spins.) The next morning I was up at 8 AM, wide awake, no hangover and feeling great! I was amazed and still am. I whole-heartedly recommend Hangover Magic , as I am living proof that it works!” -- Mark S.