U4EA  - Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How safe is U4EA, particularly when used with other medications?

U4EA is totally safe and has no effects when mixed with other medications. Since the main ingredients are amino-acids, which are what eggs, fish and meat are made of, the body already metabolizes proteins and will metabolize the proteins in U4EA in the same manner.

Q) How does U4EA mix with other substances like alcohol or 'e'?

We do not advise anyone to mix U4EA with other substances, nor should anyone use illicit or illegal drugs. Regardless of what you choose, there is no toxicity issue to be concerned with regarding U4EA, even when mixed with other substances. U4EA may increase sensitivity to alcohol, so if you must consume alcohol, exercise more caution as you may feel the effects that much sooner.

Q) How does U4EA affect the HIV Positive?

U4EA may help improve the health and immune function of everyone since it lowers stress and cortisol.

Q) What happens if I take too much or overdose on U4EA?

Since U4EA is safe, there is no toxicity issue. However, at high doses, U4EA may make users feel sleepy, euphoric, uninhibited, and occasionally on high amounts: dizzy, nausea or lethargic.

Q) Is U4EA addictive?

U4EA is 100% non-addictive. In fact using it too much or too often will decrease its feeling. We recommend not using it every day if you intend to party or use large amounts. Small amounts (1/2 tsp) can be used daily.

Q) What's the best way to use U4EA?

We recommend cycling its use - 3 days on at 1 or 1.5 tsp per day, then 1-2 days off. Or just use it on weekends! For stress and anxiety, smaller amounts (1/2 tsp) can be used daily.

Q) Can I use U4EA to come off drugs?

We cannot legally give any medical advice, however, U4EA can decrease the stress and anxiety that often comes with detoxification and withdrawal from other substances. Many people have used U4EA to decrease cigarette smoking for example.


People have many ways of dealing with stress and anxiety. Some think the only way to get stress relief and reduce anxiety is to drink alcohol, smoke pot, or take other drugs like ecstacy or mushrooms. These substances are often not only illegal (pot and ecstacy are illegal drugs for example), they are also dangerous. Alcohol for example is involved in many car accidents, it is toxic to both the brain and liver, and as a sugar it leads to obesity and diabetes. Alcohol also increases estrogen in men and as such leads to loss of muscle and gaining fat. Therefore alcohol and/or other illegal drugs like pot and ecstacy are poor choices.

Another way to deal with stress is with prescription medications. Xanax and Valium are among the most popular. Other drugs often prescribed are Zoloft, Paxil, Prozac, Effexor and Welbutrin. Prescription drugs are the most popular treatment options in use today for anxiety. Indeed the abuse of these drugs has become an epidemic, for example, Vicodin for pain is often used for other psychological issues like stress and anxiety or to just get high. Because so many people use it to get high, it is now a controlled substance, strictly controlled and monitored by the governemnt. While these legal drugs are some of the most popular ways people deal with stress and anxiety, they often have side effects. Our bodies are not evolved to process drugs so often they disrupt delicate brain chemistry and other body functions.

Natural products like amino acids are a much safer choice for stress relief and to reduce anxiety. Amino acids are the building blocks or proteins. Proteins are found in many foods like meat, eggs and fish. As such our bodies are naturally equipped to process amino acids so they are safe and better for us. They best part is that when certain amino acids are taken alone or without food, they can often have powerful effects on us. Food in general affects our mood, and everyone has felt how chocolate makes us feel good. Chocolate has amino acids and chocolate is well known to improve mood and stimulate sexual interest - so it is called an aphrodisiac. Even just eating when we are hungry makes us feel better. So we see that food has a powerful effect on how we feel. And amino acids are an important part of why food makes us feel better.

When used alone or in certain combinations, amino acids can get into the brain easier and help restore normal brain chemistry. For example, L-theanine has been studied and shown to improve the way another amino acid called GABA, works in our brain. GABA, or Gamma Amino Butyric Acid, is an amino acid found in food, but also a brain chemical called a neurotransmiter. Neurotransmitters are chemicals like amino acids that help brain cells (called neurons) communicate with each other. They are the building blocks of our moods and emotions. Too much dopamine and we feel motivated and excited. Too little serotonin and we feel depressed.

U4EA features all natural amino acids and herbs in its formula