The Andro Spray Report
by ErgoPharm, Performance Nutrition Technology

Andro Spray provides the most effective sustained release andro product on the market today.

A constant level of testosterone increase can be maintained with easily with Andro Spray. (See graph below).
This topical spray is the most efficient and reliable way of delivering a sustained release of Androdiol.
What is in Andro Spray?

Andro Spray is a specially filtered Androdiol alcohol spray containing pharmaceutical skin penetration enhancers. Each bottle has twelve grams of the finest Androdiol.
Androdiol̉ (4-androstenediol) offers the highest testosterone conversion of all the “andros”, without the downside associated with androstenedione*
How should I apply Andro Spray?

Apply 8 to 12 sprays to large muscle areas to maintain elevated testosterone levels for 12 hours. Apply twice daily for maximum effectiveness.
Who takes Andro Spray?

Men looking for increased muscle growth, sex drive, and energy levels and other benefits associated with testosterone increase**. Men looking for optimal anabolic and androgenic benefits from a testosterone precursor.
Men looking for the most reliable and effective sustained release andro product available.


 *Androdiol® is the most potent and effective "andro" testosterone precursor on the market today. Androdiol is recognized as the "andro leader" because:

Androdiol offers the greatest testosterone conversion, over a 310% greater conversion than androstenedione in University studies.
Androdiol cannot directly aromatize to estrogen (a problem with androstenedione).
Androdiol doesn't convert to DHT or its derivatives. DHT is linked to undesirable efffects such as male pattern baldness or prostatic hypertrophy (a problem with androstenedione).
*Testosterone is the most important male hormone, not only because it affects muscle mass and strength (anabolic effects, but also because it affects mood, sexual drive and energy level (all androgenic effects), as well as many other positive effects.